A perfect choice for any business.

We don’t recommend gold or platinum, but signage of brass, aluminium or steel conveys professionalism, quality, stability and history. Great for smart external office signage or internal reception signage.

Metals can be cut to form or etched (and coloured) so the options are wide open. Again, we can advise on how to maximise the dramatic effect metallic signage can achieve.


Brass looks fantastic in modern, contemporary settings as well as traditional historic buildings. We generally recommend a deep V-cut engrave that gives a depth and richness. We colour in fill with 3 layers of acrylic paint, which ensures the sign will last a lifetime and with minimum care will look as good in 20 years as it did the day you bought it.

Whilst brass is closely linked with our stainless steel options, it is in fact much better value for money and sometimes almost half the cost of its rival, making it a very popular choice. We recommend that any brass signs are mechanically fixed as the material being so robust also relates to it being quite heavy, although with the small door signs at around 70mm x 40mm they are perfectly fine to have a VHB adhesive on the back and be flush to the door or wall.


Real aluminium signage is 3mm thick and comes from solid sheets of aluminium, it is quite heavy but extremely robust and hard wearing – great for larger signs. A very popular (less expensive) alternative, is COMPOSITE aluminium or DiBond. This material is made of 3 thin sheets of material the top 1mm aluminium, the centre sheet 1mm black plastic and the last sheet 1mm aluminium. A good option for those who want the aluminium look on a budget, or for smaller signs.

Stainless Steel

Modern, classic and timeless – stainless steel is extremely robust. Although quite difficult to work with, the results are always absolutely stunning. The finish can be brushed, mirror polished or with gold effect.

There are 2 main types of stainless steel marine grade 316 and 304, we work mainly with 316 as this is suitable for all extreme weather conditions and incredibly durable.

Our engraving process with stainless steel is the same as with our brass signs, we will always recommend a deep V cut engrave to ensure the quality finish and longevity.

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